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ESSENTIAL Elements for Business


EXCELLENT PEOPLE - Do you get it? Do you want it? Do you have the capacity for it? These are three important questions business owners need to know about a career seeker, and career seekers should know about themselves.

Staffing is tough today. Unemployment is at a near-record low. Staffing for insurance agencies is especially tough. Insurance agency work is undervalued with so much information available on line today. Though many consumers go on line for information, they still regard their local agency professional as a trusted advisor. Successful staffing requires efficient sourcing and qualifying processes to find potential team members who can be those trusted advisors.

At least two State licenses are required for work in an agency. We help prepare team members to pass the tough professional testing required. Basic Training is as important as licensing. Team members’ number one complaint is about too little training. We prepare team members with industry, company, and agency specific training, along with our own world class training for sales and customer service.

Before acquiring the licensing and knowledge, the career seeker must be committed to personal excellence and continuous improvement. Attributes like, politeness, professional appearance, and thoughtful communications are too often missing in the candidate pool. Our advice to business owners and career seekers alike: Raise the bar on a regular basis, and keep raising it. Be personally accountable for what you do and say. Stand out from everyone else…in a good way! Old school thinking? Perhaps. But, one is always delighted to meet and interview someone who is all that and more!

Once you have it, don’t you dare lose it! Retraining, like continuing education, is always important. We help you keep up with all team members need to stay compliant, motivated, and aligned with the agency culture and goals.