Essential Team Resources

ESSENTIAL Elements for Business


READY SUPPORT – Whether a business owner or an individual, you need support to keep you focused and in compliance. ETR is there for you!

Team members complain most about not having clear direction; about not knowing what is expected of them, and not being able to find the answers without asking someone…who doesn’t know either! Owners know this, but find themselves torn between what’s important and urgent, with urgent usually winning the moment, then the day, then the quarter…I’m sure you get it.

Proper Onboarding and a great handbook provides most every answer on day one. Our Employee Handbook is a customized tool for your business. It provides the general guidance needed every day. It also provides clarity on a range of subjects including optimum performance, professional behavior, operational and information security, discipline, and termination.
In addition to the Handbook, our custom Job Descriptions convey to team members more detail about their specific roles, and support the organization chart. To be effective, job descriptions must be clear and motivating, and that’s what ours do.

Our Evaluation Process aligns the Handbook and Job Descriptions to complete the cycle of why and how things are done. Again, many team members just don’t know if they are doing well, and worry about being blind sided with what they’ve done poorly. As always, the need for clarity is key, and our Evaluation Process pulls it all together letting everyone know where they stand and charts the best way to continuous improvement.