Essential Team Resources

Q: What does ETR Do?
A: We coach on three ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS important for business owners and career seekers:

  1. Clear Plans – We guide people through the strategic planning process to create business plans. The plans include organizational charts, and a review of operational processes.
  2. Excellent People – We recruit new, revenue producing team members, including inside and outside sales reps, customer service reps, and administrative associates. We license and train new team members, preparing them for a successful start. We also retrain existing team members to align with your business culture and goals which the new team members were hired to achieve.
  3. Ready Support – We provide human resources consulting, documents, and processes, along with processing payroll, and managing federal and state payroll tax payments.

Q: Do companies have to buy all the services?
A: No. ETR can customize a service plan for each business based on their immediate, short term, and long-term needs. Hire us for only what you need or retain us for everything. It’s your choice!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: Yes. Just like “good fences make good neighbors” contracts make clear who is responsible for what. They also prove how committed each party is. Our Letter of Understanding and Customer Service Agreement each provide a very simple way forward, and a simple way out if either one of us is not getting or giving what we agreed to.

Q: When do I pay for services?
A: You pay for planning and HR support as soon as those services start. You pay for recruiting when you hire a candidate.

Q: Do candidates pay for services?
A: No. Our services are free to candidates. We asked that each candidate portray themselves in an authentic manner and fully participate in our assessment process so that we can match every candidate with their ideal team.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Yes. With ETR recruiting services you get a 60-day replacement guarantee for new hires. Since we carefully select, assess, interview, train and license all candidates before they step through your door, we have supreme confidence in them. But, IF things don’t seem like they are working out, contact us within 24 hours with your concern so we can try to resolve the issue. If it can’t be resolved and a new team member leaves within 60 days of hire, we will replace them at no additional charge.